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Business Stratagem Support Group, LLC.

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Company: Business Stratagem Support Group, LLC.
Phone: 63 2 751 6730
Fax: 63 2 533 2024
Address: 5th Floor, Builder\'s Center Bldg, 170 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, 1229, Makati City, Philippines
Location: Makati City, Philippines
Website: internationalbssg.com


Flexible innovative solutions for fluid threats, Cost Efficient Investigative and Security Consulting Support

Products & Services:

Alarms, Asset Recovery System, Commercial Investigations, Continuity Planning, Counter Espionage, Covert Marking, Crisis management, Emergency, Espionage, Executive Protection, Homeland Security Toolbox, Intellectual Property Protection, Risk, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Security, Security equipment, Security services, Security Survey, Threat Assessment, Training, Workplace Violence Prevention

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